Monday, January 24, 2011

In Progress: Part I

Wow, so I can't let this thing die.

The holiday break is over and back to school. Unfortunately I wasn't able to work on my short during the break as I didn't have a computer to work on. Since that was the case, I took advantage of the downtime to do a little reading, enjoy the company of family and friends, and get in a little video gaming.

Now it's business time. First week back to class and I'm putting in overtime everyday to get this thing moving. Will post some pictures of my short as a work in progress. Right now I'm working on my lighting. Waiting for a few small things to get finished on my rig, then animate!!!

Here's the first one to get you going (don't mind his eyes, he'll have them eventually)

easter egg in this shot. can you find it?

looking for something sweet to listen to? I've been jamming to this while working:

Mt Eden Dubstep

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