Sunday, February 27, 2011


Been a while. Feel like I'm saying that a lot on here.

As the title of this post says, there have been some changes to my film. Due to various reasons, I've had to change the rig I'm using for my film. I'm now using the Blake rig by Jason Baskin. I've been busting my everything trying to catch up and get myself in a good place to finish my film on time.

Here are some stills of what things are shaping up to look like with Blake.

Still in the blocking phase, but hope by weekends end to be finished with blocking. As you can probably see with the vending machine, still some minor work to be done here. Should start animating this Monday/Tuesday.

Who needs sleep?? Psh.

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  1. steve just stumbled upon your blog again. its crazy i was listening to david bowie song "changes" he literally was saying the name of your post title out loud. anyways i need to see your animation asap!